• Rebecca Paternostro HHP,CCN

Do we need to supplement?

Because the nutrient needs of our bodies can vary from day to day based on the circumstances of our lives such as - stress, injury and illness. Knowing exactly what your body needs at any given time can be difficult. That is why giving your body a multiple range of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients on a daily basis is so important.

People who take in a variety of nutrients from food and supplements tend to heal quicker and get sick less often. This is what we call Preventative medicine.

For example, when there is an injury to your body, the need for healing nutrients such as Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc and a host of other minerals and nutrients start the healing process and re-establish balance in the body.

Many of the people I talk with tell me they eat healthy and prefer to get their nutrients from food. I applaud and respect that ! As a holistic practitioner, I always believe in eating a healthy diet and trying to get as many nutrients from the food that nature has provided us first.

Unfortunately we don't always eat like we should and the food we get can be deficient of nutrients, based on many factors such as the soil in which they are grown or for animals, the food in which they are fed.

Our bodies and our food are complex. That is why I always recommend some form of natural whole food supplementation. I believe everyone can benefit from extra nutrients. My favorite supplementation and something I always recommend, is a good Greens powder to help with that gap.

Few people I know eat at least 3-5 Serving of veggies a day every day without fail. So doing something as simple as taking a greens supplement everyday can fill in those gaps. Depending upon a persons diet, lifestyle and needs, each may benefit from additional nutrients. Using their current diet and lifestyle as a guide together we can determine the best supplementation program for them.

You can find the Greens powder I use and recommend here. Be Green Be Well

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