• Rebecca Paternostro CCN,HHP

Don't Go It Alone-

There is nothing like the support of a good friend. We all need somebody to talk to, somebody to encourage us, to tell us what we already know ! Everyday I talk to my mentors, the ones that help me stay on track, listen to my obstacles and help get me back on track and focused on my goals. They are also there to share in my victories and and to encourage my dreams. We all sometimes feel we can do this without the help of someone else, or we know what we should be doing and don't need help. But having someone you can be accountable to helps. When we try to go it alone, who is going to help us when we need encouragement or when we feel like quitting. As a health & lifestyle coach I love the girls I share hopes, dreams and goals with. Have you ever thought about reaching out and working with a health coach but just haven't taken the time or the energy to sit down and think about it, or simply take action on it? If this sounds like something you could benefit from. Join us- We are starting a private facebook group where we share tips, recipes, accomplishments, goals and a community to support you on your journey to better health and lifestyles:)

Message me if you want to join or find out more. Rebecca xoxo

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