• Rebecca Paternostro

Simple Tips to Alkalize Your Body

What you eat and drink directly affects your pH levels with some foods raising or lowering the pH. This is based on the mineral content of the food, not the actual pH of that food. For example lemons have a naturally low pH of around 2 but due to their mineral content they have a wonderful alkalizing effect on the body.

The bottom line is that disease can flourish in an acidic environment. As always, it is all about balance—and the human body was designed to operate at its optimum when body fluids are alkaline at 7-7.5. The body moves between acidic to alkaline all day, so to live 100 percent alkaline is unrealistic. But if you choose to do more kind, alkaline things to your body you will have better health.

1. Drink 2 liter of water per day.

2. Use an alkalizing greens powder (It Works Greens Powder is my choice) daily to boost overall nutrition and maintain your body’s healthy alkaline range.

3. Cut dairy (try almond or coconut milk instead).

4. Reduce coffee to one per day.

5. Reduce breads, pasta, and grains use alternatives such as quinoa and brown rice.

6. Reduce sugar and remove artificial sweeteners.

7. Include a de-stress activity into your day (like meditating, walking, yoga, or swimming).

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