Cranberry & Water

Drinking pure clean water is something we HAVE to do every day. The general rule is to drink 1/2 your bodies weight- in ounces. For example if you weigh 150 lbs half of that would be 75 ounces of water. Water hydrates us and as most of you know we would die in a matter of days without it. If your looking for a way to change up you daily water intake, try Cranberry Water! The enzymes in the cranberry help your body rid itself of small fatty deposits that get stuck in the lymphatic system. It also supports your livers detoxification function which helps eliminate toxins. Make sure you use 100% Cranberry juice- No sugars or other ingredients. Preferably Organic Use 1-2 oz of Cranberry jui

Simple Tips to Alkalize Your Body

What you eat and drink directly affects your pH levels with some foods raising or lowering the pH. This is based on the mineral content of the food, not the actual pH of that food. For example lemons have a naturally low pH of around 2 but due to their mineral content they have a wonderful alkalizing effect on the body. The bottom line is that disease can flourish in an acidic environment. As always, it is all about balance—and the human body was designed to operate at its optimum when body fluids are alkaline at 7-7.5. The body moves between acidic to alkaline all day, so to live 100 percent alkaline is unrealistic. But if you choose to do more kind, alkaline things to your body you will ha

8 Simple Tips for Better Portion Control

Good news! Portion control doesn’t have to mean deprivation. 1. Focus on eating whole foods including protein, healthy fats and vegetables, until you are satiated (that feeling where you are about 80% full). Don't deprive yourself since this always backfires, causing you to eat more food later in the day. Most processed foods have chemical additives that make it difficult for us to have just one serving size. 2. If portion control is more of an issue when you go out to eat, have a healthy snack before you leave so the bread or chip basket is less tempting (or ask that the waiter not bring the rolls or chips to your table). Plan on taking part of your meal home for leftovers since most resta

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